Wednesday, 22 August 2012


HI its babymakemetaken! like 4 mins ago i recoverd the station from the hands of the evil hackers :) so we are back!! but we will be keeping the craze dont worry peeps it aint going :D im very glad to be back people :) :DD :) well me and scarletgoesrawr will be posting on this from now on! and will only let close friends join.. due to hackers it might of been a member.. luv ya viewers xD cya take care and Baby out!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bad Bad Names!!!!

hey peeps!!!
have u guys noticed the sudden increase in racist and bad names in woozworld?? well i'm sure you have but even though the woozband have been make these ppl change their names but i don't think thats enough!! even if they do change the names wats to say that other people who have seen their name before the change and decide to make a name like one of the bad names??? well we have to crack down on these names and get these and get these people banned!!! a lot of  young people on woozworld shouldn't have to see names like that!!!!! so any woozens who plan on making names like that i encourage you not to make them!!! your just wasting your time!!!

- ilovemesmilez